Streamlining Analytics for Health Tech

Use Case

Business Problem

A health tech company encountered a significant challenge in generating analytics reports efficiently. Reliance on manual processes resulted in lengthy report generation times, with each new report taking nearly a day to complete. The NoSQL nature of the data and the complexity of logic required for slicing and dicing further compounded the issue, hindering the company’s ability to derive timely insights and make informed decisions.


Inference Labs provided a solution to streamline and automate analytics processes for the health tech company:

Role-Based Analytical Reports: We created role-based analytical reports on top of the NoSQL database, leveraging optimized data models. By tailoring reports to specific user roles and optimizing data retrieval and processing, we significantly reduced report generation times and improved overall efficiency.

Optimized Data Models: Our team implemented optimized data models to enhance data retrieval and analysis efficiency, ensuring that reports could be generated swiftly and accurately despite the complexity of the underlying data structure.

Business Value

The implementation of Inference Labs’ streamlined automated analytics solution delivered substantial business value for the health tech company:

  1. 100% Manual Effort Elimination: By automating analytics processes and optimizing data models, the company achieved a complete elimination of manual effort associated with report generation, freeing up valuable time and resources for other critical tasks.
  2. Effective Decision-Making: The deployment of accurate and robust scheduled reports enabled stakeholders to make informed decisions based on timely insights, driving operational efficiency and improving patient care outcomes.
  3. Initiation of Advanced Analytical Journey: By laying the foundation for embedded analytics within the platform, the company embarked on an advanced analytical journey, empowering platform users with real-time insights and fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Inference Labs’ streamlined automated analytics solution revolutionizes data management and analysis in the healthcare industry, empowering organizations to derive timely insights, make informed decisions, and drive operational efficiency. By leveraging role-based analytical reports and optimized data models, health tech companies can eliminate manual effort, enhance decision-making, and embark on an advanced analytical journey towards embedded analytics. Embrace the future of streamlined automated analytics with Inference Labs, where efficiency meets innovation to redefine healthcare data management and analysis.

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