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For one of our Healthcare clients, Our NLP Platform analyses over a million words every day providing an early warning system that ensures an increase in Client Satisfaction by 20% and a higher NPS!

Interested in advancing your CSAT score?
Email Sentiment

Classify text as positive, negative or neutral and return as classifier

Product Review Sentiment Analyser

Classify Customer sentiments towards certain entities

Social Media Sentiment Analyser

Classify social media sentiments towards certain entities

Text Summariser

Summarize any piece of text with just a click

Key Phrase Extractor

Automatically identify the key information within a document

Title Generator

Generate a human quality title for the Source

Synthetic Text Detection

Classify text as likely to have been written by a human or machine

Email Extractor

Extract email address from text

Date and Time Extractor

Extract date and time from text

Person Details Extraction

Extract person names from text

Location Extractor

Extract locations from text and give coordinates

Phone Number Extractor

Extract Phone numbers from any piece of text

Company Details Extractor

Extract company and organization entities from text

Outbound Sales Response Classifier

Classify outbound sales email responses based on their subject and body


Classify news based on Topics

Retail Classifier

Classify retail products based on their descriptions

Role Function Classifier

Classify job titles into categories

Customer's Reviews

Trusted Analytics Business Partner
``Inference Labs has built a NLP platform - Sentiment Analyser which has ensured Client satisfaction resulting in better Net Promoter Scores, low customer churn, repeat business and rightful management intervention.

Inference labs has helped us increase the CSAT score by 20%.``

Chithra Prasad Rao

Senior Director - Business Excellence, Indegene

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