We are a full stack horizontal data analytics solutions company 

30 Decision Scientists and Data Engineers. And Growing.

Core Areas


Our unique processes, architectures, and technologies transforms the raw data into meaningful and useful information which helps enable better decision making


We perform deeper examination of data using sophisticated techniques & tools, typically beyond those of traditional business intelligence to discover deeper insights, make predictions and make recommendations


Data Engineers instrument and enable analytics and data science. Our engineers ensure that the data and analytics investment is getting its optimum return vertically and horizontally

Key Offerings and Capabilities

Natural Language Processing

NLP addresses tasks such as identifying sentence boundaries in documents, extracting relationships from documents, searching and retrieving of documents, among others. We will plan NLP strategy for you. Check our demo on sentiment analysis using customer product review below

Image Analytics

Learn how Inference Labs team applied Siamese Network to bring consistency to texture and look for a food chain, why proposing to use it and it’s exposition.

Product Recommendation

Product Recommendation is a filtering system that seeks to predict and show the items that a user that a user would like to purchase. We provide set up which can significantly boost revenues, CTRs, conversions and other important metrics.

Fuzzy Logic

Data Science is Fuzzy Buzzy, using different techniques to collect pollen and nectar from data flowers, and subsequently converting them to honey insights!

Our Process & Services

Resources on Demand

We will not only unlock insights for your business but provide world-class data scientists on-site to to help you discover data points to make better decision making.


We understand our customers, look into existing knowledge base and capabilities to identify the best solution suited to their budgets, timelines and constraints. We are agile and build innovative solutions to gain competitive edge.

Managed Services

Building a fully functional analytics team within a company can be difficult and time consuming. We help bridge that gap and balance the need of resources by providing world-class managed services to move fast and improve productivity.

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• A young and dynamic startup with a team size of 30 and growing

• Backed with strong leadership team who have more than 20+ years industry experience

• Company’s vision is to help enterprises solve their business challenges through data, thereby creating value for our clients




Investor & Technology Advisor


Thought Leader & Advisor


Data Science Advisor


We were spending considerable time and effort on our daily sales reports and analysis, a critical part of beverages business. The hours spent was a drain on the time and efficiency of executives and sales teams performance.  Inference labs team worked in fixing inconsistent data quality issues and automated reports, saving 30 man hours per week.  

Inference labs helped with recommendation models for stockists & on merchandising thereby improving the input for decision making instantly.

Country Manager – Smollan Tanzania Ltd.


We engaged with Inference Labs to build offline promotional campaign engine through Google Maps API application. We are expanding to many cities for our bike sharing services and wanted to explore optimal captains parking area during peak hours through advertising support. 

Inference labs team not only delivered the project within the timeline agreed upon but exceeded our expectations in  provided dynamic output on R-shiny dashboard with region hotspots using traffic, maps and population specific data

Head of Growth at Rapido


The efforts your team has put in has significantly helped us in building a strong data science team. In addition, your extremely efficient management practices combined with prompt delivery and the enormous commitment shown in the time of need has made relationship with Inference Labs so worthwhile.

Head, Credit Risk and Analytics – Money View


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+91 99021 11001