Enhancing FMCG Customer Experiences - A Golden Record Approach

Analyzing customer data in real-time to segment customers based on their preferences, behaviors, and purchase patterns.

Enhancing E-Ticketing Sales with Data-Driven Insights

 Inference Labs creates tailored Power BI dashboards designed to provide the sales and management teams with intuitive and dynamic visualizations of sales data.

Fashion Forward: Unleashing Data Dynamics in Retail

Recommendation models personalize merchandise suggestions based on customer preferences and browsing history, enhancing the shopping experience.

Transforming Interior Design and Retail with Furniture Detection

Inference Labs transforms interior design and retail with precise furniture detection using advanced computer vision. Streamlining operations and enhancing customer satisfaction, our solution revolutionizes the way spaces are designed and furnished.

Revolutionizing Feedback Management in Manufacturing & Retail

Inference Labs’ AI model for Feedback Management System efficiently categorizes subjective feedback based on sentiment, topics, and keywords, generating actionable insights.

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