Intelligent Dashboards

As your business grows, your data grows with you… Escape the traditional data stack and upgrade to Visual Analytics..
Scale your business with confidence

Sales and Revenue Dashboard

Revenue dashboards are often used by Executives, board members, and financial managers to track the money across numerous departments for different timelines. These dashboards help executives to make meaningful decisions and have a deeper understanding of their budgeted money in the pipeline. We have provided a dashboard to analyze your revenue across various regions and business units in this dashboard.

HR Analytics Dashboard

A one-stop dashboard for HRs to

  • Track 
  • Monitor and  
  • Act

Integrate important KPIs used for managing various activities right from tracking open positions, recruiting an employee, training, and performance, to Attrition and Absenteeism.

The power of Visual Analytics

Interactive visual analytics makes it easy to combine data from multiple sources and deeply analyze the data directly within the visualization itself. Further, AI and machine learning algorithms can offer recommendations to help guide the user’s exploration.

Make Informed Decisions

Understand your Data

Predict the Future

Real Time Monitoring

How we integrate to your data...

Integrate and Manage Big Data

Turn massive data sets into business insights which can have a major positive impact on your organization.

Embed Everywhere

Allowing users to explore visual data analysis from within whatever websites, portals, apps and business processes they use to make decisions.

Explore your Data

Discover hidden relationships and patterns in the data without relying on help from IT

Some of the tools we use

Its time to build your customised Dashboard

Need help to build your customised Dashboard, or need some hands to help with ETL? We provide all round Analytics solutions, feel free to reach out to us...

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