Advanced analytics in Edtech: Accelerate the student journey by infusing analytics  

🗓️ Thursday 23rd June, 2022

Embedded analytics has become an inevitable feature in all the Edtech products for data utilization and keeping ahead of the competition. It helps to democratize data through embedded insights & intelligence to multiple stakeholders like students, parents, tutors, and decision-makers with access to different metrics at the same time for each persona to –

  • Create stickiness in the students (measure & improve)
  • Generate Insights into the child’s 360-degree attributes
  • Drive better student engagement – helps increase activities to completion
  • Help management with teacher & student scorecards recommend premium programs, better administration (reducing time/cost)
  • Put data on your hands to take the right and timely decisions.

Discover the benefits of embedded analytics with a sample demo. You’ll discover how choosing Sisense can help you reap the values within weeks with a no-code platform.

Webinar include:

  • Use cases in Edtech
  • The business impact and advantages
  • A demo of the Sisense capabilities for an Edtech use case.
  • Discussion with the Cialfo Data Program Manager about the journey and the value received.