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With our advanced technology, we extract valuable insights and uncover hidden data from video inputs that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

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facial recognition

Facial Recognition

Our cutting-edge technology has a proven track record of accurately detecting the emotions and confidence levels of interview candidates, while also providing a comprehensive confidence score.

Object Detection

Object Detection

A computer technology related to computer vision, image processing, and deep learning that deals with detecting instances of objects in images and videos.

Image Augmentation

Image Augmentation

Create new variations of images within a given dataset by applying various transformations, thereby enhancing the dataset’s diversity.

Age and gender prediction

Predicting a person’s age and gender to better understand their behavior as a customer. The analysis of a product’s usability by specific age and gender groups is possible using age and gender predictions.

Background Removal

Achieve high accuracy and instant background removal outcomes in videos with state-of-the-art techniques

Image and video analysis

Applies artificial intelligence (AI) and pattern recognition techniques to extract valuable insights and information from visual inputs such as images and videos.