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AI Incorporation in Industrial Processes

AI is the new buzz word. Across industries, AI is revolutionizing how business happens.

Data accuracy is key to the success of any big organization. Any small discrepancy gets exponentially amplified in no time, which is relatable to major players dominating local and global markets. Resolution of data is tedious and time consuming. Not to mention that human efforts to remediate to these can also be a new source of inaccuracy, in an environment where ERP and CRM applications bring in a colossal amount of data.

Our FMCG client was having a hard time amidst this surge of data processing and analysis. They approached Inference which lived up to their hopes. From AI aided data processing and fine-tuning to simplified, at a glance visual data representations, Inference once again stayed true to its image of expert in the AI implementation field.


From recent research led by Gartner, 40% of all business initiatives fail to reach their targets due to poor data quality. Furthermore, organizations suspect that an average of 29% of their current customer and prospects’ data contain inaccuracies. Only 15% of them could vouch on the accuracy of their CRM data.

Possibilities of AI:

Our client was having a hard time resolving online and offline entries captured while placing orders to their suppliers. These purchase orders were placed digitally while ordering on the ERP system. Upon reception, the order status would be inputted manually on the ERP. Many a times, discrepancies in this process arose, which got carried forward to the next order. This was a vicious cycle to deal with.

Challenges included:

  • Raw Data Duplication
  • Duplication with different unique identifiers
  • Data-mismatch in ERP
  • Issues with data refresh


By using Artificial narrow intelligence and Artificial general intelligence, Inference has solved the biggest issues in the present market.

Overall result:

Inference successfully implemented an AI empowered architecture and insight reporting mechanism, thereby increasing at-a-glance visibility of business processes and deliverables by four times, and effectively saving 60% of time allocated to this endeavor.

All businesses, whether big or small, can benefit from the power of AI. At Inference, we believe in the possibilities set forth by technology and will gladly walk with you in digitally transforming your organizational processes in a viable way. Companies like yours are saving on both time and money by entrusting Inference with the formulation of AI aided platforms, thereby allowing their staff to focus on the core of their roles.

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