Build vs Buy Embedded Analytics: Which one to choose?


When faced with the dilemma of whether to build or buy analytics for an application, most software companies find themselves at a decision point. 

You have chosen that data and analytics will be infused into your product, service, or experience. This type of functionality is no more a “nice to have”; users of all kinds demand it, and customer-facing analytics are revolutionizing businesses across the board. So, you are aware that your product requires analytics. But here is the harsh reality: If you do not acquire your analytics solution and integrate it into your application, you are unlikely to get any analytics even really. This means building is far from the reality of delivering what you need. 

Building embedded analytics looks like the easiest and most feasible option to have for companies. Many developers find this to be effective, particularly for new software applications with minimal needs. But little do they know that very soon within months’ time, it will become obsolete due to increasing customer demands and a requirement to scale and improvise the existing features.  

That’s why it is smart to buy analytics for providing a customized user experience. 

Why Buy?? 

1. Providing a consistent experience:  

An embedding-friendly analytics tool delivers what insights you need in a format that takes the theme of your product experience. When considering purchasing choices, make sure they can exactly match the color scheme, fonts, and other UI characteristics of your product. Get a platform that allows you to integrate bespoke visuals and functionality with your statistics if you really want to impress your users.  

Product teams may integrate unique analytics into their core services using industry-leading analytics tools, such as progress indicators connected to KPIs that are important to customers, animations and graphics that tell a story, and suggestions based on previous user behavior. 

2. Better features with minimal effort 

Even in ideal circumstances, app development is unexpected. You’re taking a lot of unneeded risks by adding new capabilities that no one on your team is an expert in, plus a few million additional lines of code to manage. You’re also putting in a lot of effort that could be done for you by the correct analytics platform, which would offer better analytics, faster, and with less effort over time.  

3. Take advantage of ongoing innovation to focus on what’s important for your product: 

While building, when you start from the initial concept, everything is on you. With buying, you’re not just getting your V1 today and leaving it alone when you acquire analytics and incorporate them into your product, service, or experience but your analytics supplier has a long-term relationship with you. It has a team of professionals working around the clock to improve its product so you may improve yours. With this, your dev team can focus on what’s important for the product and ensure the analytics are up to date. 

4. Need to go to market as soon as possible: With an embedded friendly analytics tool, you can jumpstart your solution within weeks! 

The “buy” choice is the quickest path to value. If you want to work smarter, not harder, you know what to choose!! 

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