Build a Micro Off-Shore Development Team with us

Trusted by leading brands around the globe for their mission-critical projects requirements

Reduced time to hire

Having access to an already vetted database of talent means you can find the perfect fit quickly.

Hire for specific projects or tasks

Bring on new talent as needed to get the optimal balance between capacity, capabilities, and flexibility

Reduced employee management

We can take care of much of the bureaucratic work involved with: contract, background checks, payments, time tracking, and training in company culture.

Less risk involved in hiring

Do you require support to quickly get a project completed? Or maybe your requirements may change over time. With Inference you can effectively and affordably retain a new hire.

Flexible Delivery Model.

Offshore Teams are committed to work as your dedicated team, working from our location. Get 100% control over your resources & priorities, having someone looking after for you.

Get the perfect fit for your culture

We provide candidates who understand your unique company culture and values. Who can understand their responsibilities and can quickly integrate into your team.

Selection Process

You’re just a step away from best talent!

Requirement Gathering

We gather the requirements about the project like Tech stack, team size etc.

Shortlisting of Candidates

Based on the requirements, the candidates are shortlisted

Written Test

The shorted candidates then go through a written test for evaluation.

Assignments and Evaluations

You can also ask the candidates to submit time-goal-specific assignments.


Based on the evaluation, further shortlisted candidates are Interviewed.

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Natural Language Processing
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Data Engineering

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