Enhancing User Insights for India’s Largest Knowledge Acceleration Platform

Use Case

Business Problem

Our client, India’s Biggest Knowledge Acceleration Platform, stands as a major player in the educational technology sector, boasting over 2 million active users across Google and iOS platforms. The platform aims to empower students by providing accessible, high-quality knowledge resources through quizzes and gamification. However, with such a vast user base, understanding detailed user engagement and behavior presented a significant challenge. 

Inference Labs delivered a solution by leveraging Google Analytics, enhancing its ability to engage users and positioning itself to continue its growth trajectory through informed, data-driven strategies. This partnership highlights the transformative potential of tailored analytics solutions in understanding and amplifying user interaction in the digital education space. 


We initiated our client engagement by thoroughly comprehending their goals and objectives, ensuring a solid foundation for our collaboration. This understanding was pivotal in translating their aspirations into tangible, measurable metrics, a process that involved crafting over 50 Macro and micro–Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our aim was not just to measure progress but to deliver actionable insights that would drive strategic decision-making. Leveraging our expertise and industry best practices, we curated a bespoke set of KPIs tailored to their unique requirements, meticulously aligned with their overarching business strategy. 

To navigate challenges and achieve strategic objectives, we leveraged Google Analytics with a focus on comprehensive user behavior insights and content optimization

Setting up Google Analytics Account

GA4 was customized and implemented for the client, with a code integrated into their website to initiate data collection and enhance operational strategies.

Custom event tracking

We closely collaborated with the client to understand their analytics needs, identified key website activities for data collection, and set up customized data capture using Google Tag Manager for accurate information gathering.

Setup for Deeper Analysis

A Looker Studio account was set up for the client, tailoring insights to their needs with secure access configurations. The visuals and reports, designed with interactive elements, enable easy data exploration and analysis. 

Delivering actionable Insights

In collaboration with the client, we identified KPIs. Leveraging Looker Studio, we crafted business insights created by us on Looker enriched with interactive features, to visualize critical metrics and facilitate in-depth data analysis. 

Business Value

Our solution delivered brought tangible business value :

Enhanced User Engagement by 30%:

By understanding user preferences and behaviour, the platform was able to adjust its content delivery strategy, increasing user engagement by 30%.

Data-Driven Decisions:

The leadership team now had access to comprehensive analytics reports that informed strategic decisions, facilitating a data-driven approach to business growth and user retention. 

Content Optimization:

Insights from user data allowed the content team to focus on creating and promoting materials that resonated most with their audience, improving content consumption rates across the platform.