Enhancing Project Communication in Healthcare

Use case

Business Problem

The COE (Center of Excellence) team of a global healthcare company identified a critical need for an early warning system for project emails and client escalations. With a database fueled by an advanced NLP model containing data from over 1 lakh daily email conversations, the challenge was to ensure timely intervention to enhance project communication and client satisfaction. The absence of a proactive monitoring system posed a risk of overlooking negative conversations, potentially impacting project outcomes and client relationships.


In-depth Analytics Solution: We created an in-depth analytics solution to deep dive into projects, accounts, and project managers, enabling the identification of negative conversations and potential client escalations. Leveraging advanced NLP techniques, our solution analyzed email conversations to track sentiment changes throughout a conversation, facilitating a detailed examination of sender sentiments and enabling timely alerts for intervention.

Sentiment Tracking and Timely Alerts: Our solution implemented a system to track sentiment changes in email conversations, allowing for the early detection of negative sentiments and potential issues. By monitoring sentiment trends and triggering alerts, the COE team could intervene promptly, address concerns, and mitigate risks, ultimately enhancing project communication and client satisfaction.

Business Value

The implementation of Inference Labs’ proactive email monitoring solution delivered significant business value for the global healthcare company:

Improvement in CSAT Score: The early alerts provided by the proactive monitoring system led to a 40% increase in the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score. By addressing issues and concerns proactively, the company could enhance project communication, resolve client escalations, and improve overall client satisfaction, thereby strengthening client relationships and fostering long-term partnerships.

Inference Labs’ proactive email monitoring solution revolutionizes project communication and client satisfaction in the healthcare industry. By leveraging advanced NLP technology and sentiment analysis, organizations can identify and address issues proactively, mitigate risks, and enhance client satisfaction. Embrace the future of proactive communication monitoring with Inference Labs, where innovation meets efficiency to redefine project management and client relationships in the healthcare sector.

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