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Revolutionize your industry with our game-changing DEEP TECH solutions

Transform your business with our revolutionary deep tech solutions. Unleash the true potential of sentiment analysis with iConverse – our in-house NLP engine. Outmaneuver your competitors with dynamic pricing strategies using Price Now. Our services empower you to boost customer satisfaction, extract actionable insights from unstructured data, stay ahead of emerging risks with early warning alerts, convert video to text to detect emotions, and so much more. Partner with us today and unlock the future of business transformation.

Empowering Growth Through Analytics Consulting Excellence

Services We Provide

Business Intelligence (BI): Uncover business opportunities through insightful data visualization and decision support.

    • Unlock insights
    • Data visualization
    • Decision support
AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning): Transform your operations with predictive analytics and intelligent machine learning solutions.

    • Predictive analytics
    • Machine learning models
    • Smart solutions
Full Stack Development: From frontend to backend, craft scalable and immersive applications for a seamless user experience.

    • End-to-end solutions
    • Scalable architecture
    • Cross-platform expertise
Data Engineering: Build a robust data foundation for your business through seamless integration and architecture.

    • Data integration
    • ETL processes
    • Data architecture
Converse AI: Engage your audience with personalized and intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants.

    • Chatbots and virtual assistants
    • Natural language processing
    • Personalized interactions
Vision AI: Unlock the power of visual data with advanced image recognition and object detection capabilities.

    • Image recognition
    • Object detection
    • Visual data insights
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Readymade Analytics to jump start your analytics journey

  • Several readymade template apps to choose from.
  • Customise them as per your business needs.
  • Cut your dashboard development time by 60%.
  • Connect to the data from various sources.
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Deep Tech
In-House Solutions

About Us

At Inference Labs, we believe in impacting our customer communities positively. We co-create tailor-made models and analytical applications to generate meaningful insights that align with your business goals. We analyze enterprise data to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and opportunities that give you a competitive edge to optimize operations and drive efficiency.

Achieve your desired outcome with multiple real-life context solutions provided by our team of experts having a proven track record with 50+ international clients and over 100+ successful projects. We are committed to fostering innovation on a global scale and have partnered with Start UP India, T-AIM, Microsoft Founders Hub, and NASSCOM.

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