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To generate more customer engagement, businesses across the world are looking for various growth strategies. Businesses that modernize their customer engagement are earning the trust but sustaining the engagement will go for a toss if they are not able to understand the customer deeply. Moreover, 54% of the customers think companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage, and this engagement is influenced by two data points other than price (81%), quality (80%), and conveniences (55%) such as reviews (89%) and rating (87%).

This dashboard will help chief/marketing executives make meaningful decisions and have a deeper understanding of their customers in the pipeline. In this sample dashboard, we have shown the net promoter score across various timelines, regions, and products. A summary dashboard to have a quick glance, as well as a deep look at the performance regions-wise, account-wise, age-wise, and gender-wise are also provided. You can slice and dice the data with various filters like products, categories, gender, age clusters, etc.,


To install the app, you need to have a Power BI license and permission to install Power BI Template Apps on the Microsoft Power BI service in your organization. Learn more about Power BI Template Apps here.

Initial App Installation:

Go to Microsoft AppSource and click this to install the NPS Intelligence Report from Inference Labs in the Power BI apps section. After successful installation, the app will be available in the Apps section.

Open the dashboard:

This dashboard is classified into a single category named “NPS Report” and this dashboard is just an overview. We can go as deeper into the insights.

Procedure to Connect data:

After clicking connect data,

Give the location of the production excel file in SharePoint. Please find the template here.

After next,

When you are connecting to SharePoint, choose the authentication method as OAuth2 and Organizational

The dashboard will refresh with your new data. These are sample dashboards, and we can help you customize as per your requirement.

If you have any questions about the Dashboard or need assistance, contact us here.

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