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How it works

Enhance Accuracy with custom blueprints

Inference labs have a variety of custom blueprints that can be modified by our technically matured team to account for the specific nuances of each machine `generated invoices. It comes with the accuracy, throughput and improve the transparency.

Saves a lot of time

Time is a very essential and precious resource for businesses. Automated invoice data extraction saves 75% time by reducing manual efforts. Get the data you want and deliver in Excel, CSV, XML, and JSON format without any errors that ultimately add value.

Saves Money

Businesses improve productivity and job satisfaction for staff by allowing employees to focus on higher value-added activities. It is an absolute cost saver for companies who are manually entering data followed by a lot of back-office processes.

Improve compliance with faster TAT:

Capture data accurately which are traditionally not captured manually. This enables companies to run compliance checks on invoice data in a quick time that prevents unnecessary back and forth checks between the suppliers and the business that consumers valuable employee time.


Instant Execution

AI Powered


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Batch Processing



Upload the Invoice documents, AI technology transforms your documents and preprocesses them, and provides an output according to the required format.


Upload your documents directly on the cloud or email your files as attachments.

Transform using AI

Using AI classify, pre-process, and extract the documents data securely and flexibly according to your objective.


Download your processed file in Excel, CSV, XML, and JSON format.

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