Label Detection

Computer vision model that predict the Company (Brands) names of any retail product

A computer vision model that predicts the Company (Brands) names of any retail ( Eg. Shoes, Clothes, etc) in an Image/Frame.

Brands need to monitor their presence across social media and websites. The logo detection technology allows scanning images for logos to get real uses of products by customers, facilitates monitoring the ROI of marketing campaigns, ensures revenue boost, and more. Logo detection can help the brands to check the brand visibility on the web, measure event sponsorship ROI, detect the illegal logo uses and protect brand image.

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Creative Impact

Enough Talking, Let's build something together

We are always there to fine-tune your processes by developing a custom framework by implementing such amazing and accurate problem-solving techniques in your organization.

Age Prediction

Computer vision model that predict the Age of the person

Gender Prediction

Extract face detection and recognition!

Unique Faces

Computer vision model that counts the total number of unique faces

Label Detection

Predict the Company (Brands) names of any retail product

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