Measure Agent Efficiency and Enhance Your Customer Service 

Want to monitor Agent performance with the appropriate KPIs to improve customer service? 

Identifying the appropriate KPIs and tools to use when measuring your customer agent’s effectiveness might be challenging. We have covered a lot of ground in this post, including the most important KPIs to consider when gauging agent-customer performance. 

Know everything about your agent- customer performance with our products! 

The CSAT analytical insight and NPS Intelligence Report at Inference Labs are the two most powerful tools that help to gain valuable insights into customer feedback and satisfaction levels to provide excellent customer care services to businesses. 


Our CSAT analytical insight gives marketing executives access to reports that enable them to comprehend client feedback better and adjust their product offerings accordingly.  

It delivers consumer feedback reports based on the product, the source of the product (whatever e-commerce platform the product is from), gender, and region, and all the other attributes that matter to you. Reports contain the entire picture of your organization’s agent-customer relationship starting from the number of agent’s customers calls made to client satisfaction rating based on numerous product aspects. Know what your customers are talking about your products, what they are most unsatisfied with, and what they like most. The CSAT timeline analysis pinpoints the areas that you need to laser focus on, based on multiple inputs (for eg, age, gender, location).  

The overall report displays both customer satisfaction and customer service outcomes. A high CSAT score suggests that the agent is effective. 


Additionally, the number of support tickets received by the support desk, the first response time, and the proportion of tickets resolved to determine the CSAT score for customer service. 

Inference Labs has assisted several businesses in providing top-notch customer care with its CSAT  analytical insight. Schedule a demo to see how it works! 

Net promoter score 

Our platform assists businesses in gaining dedicated clients by understanding them using various criteria. Marketing leaders may track the history and current growth of their products with the use of our NPS Intelligence report. 

Inference Labs’ NPS intelligence report offers more in-depth analyses of NPS scores across several channels. It divides customers into three types: promoters, passives, and detractors. You may uncover the product rating and consumer answers based on the product, gender, age, geographical location and customer category. The timeline analysis of NPS by-product differs depending on the inputs. 

The NPS score evaluates customer satisfaction following an interaction with a customer agent. A high NPS score denotes efficient customer service, which produces satisfied clients. 

Why is it important to measure agent performance? 

Happy customer service agents are equal to happy customers and increased profits! 

Customer service representatives play a vital role in determining the customer experience, which ultimately affects the firm. Giving employees the proper tools and resources produces consistent, engaging customer experiences that support growth. A knowledgeable, well-prepared, and content customer service representative will lead the company in the right direction. It goes without saying that no one wants to see a Decrease in Sales or Attrition.  

If you want to enhance your customer care services and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, it’s time to take action. Contact us today to learn more about Inference Labs’ CSAT analytical insight and NPS report and start providing top-notch customer care services to your clients today. 

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