Top 5 Embedded Analytics Use Cases you shouldn’t miss

Top five embedded use cases you should not miss! 

Technology industry leaders, technology unicorns, and disruptors have reaped the benefits of analytics to rapidly scale, deliver faster releases, and stay on top of trends, without breaking into a sweat. What are they doing differently to meet customer needs? They are listening to what the market is saying: Embed or become irrelevant. That is what they are doing. It is not only the technology that is taking a whole new shape with new innovations but there are also customer expectations that are growing enormously with it. Now the time has come that every innovator listens to what their consumers are experiencing and that too without zero delays. Superlative customer experience is what drives those metrics that matter. Embedded Analytics is helping leaders in getting ahead of underwhelmed customers and their ever-expanding demands. 

Key innovation outcomes technology companies desire are, product differentiation, development at scale, increasing customer growth and expansion rates, user adoption rates, win rates, and the ability to rapidly go to market with an outstanding and unique user experience. Sisense and its capability to embed analytics everywhere act as a catalyst for these companies. Following are a few examples where Sisense answered the questions that flipped a page in companies’ growth. 

Use Case 1: Drive Customer Acquisition for SaaS platform 

Leading Robotic Process Automation SaaS platform needed a solution that can analyze rapidly growing complex data. Technology is a liquid landscape that shifts with data-driven customers. The company wanted an embedded analytics solution to help customers easily measure and report the true impact of automation within their organization and drive new customer acquisition. 

Sisense Embedded Analytics powers the company’s new unified analytics platform that drives digital transformation for customers. The robust solution offers customers the ability to fully unlock enterprise-grade automation. Sisense enabled data analytics in a cloud environment as the foundation for future innovation and growth. 

Key Outcomes: 

  • It improved data access across the organization to align the RPA (Robotics Process Automation) operations with strategic business outcomes. 
  • Business owners can define, track, measure, and share KPIs that measure the value and impact of their overall automation strategy. 
  • RPA customers can scale their automation program and make better decisions with quantifiable metrics 
  • Users get push notifications of critical events so they can respond quickly. 
  • Help customers measure, report, and align RPA operations with strategic business outcome. 
  • Customers can use embedded machine learning to forecast future states and milestones to optimize their automation deployment. 

Use Case 2: Improve Product Stickiness for Building Management Platform  

The company builds smart building/energy management platforms to help property managers assess overall building health by identifying energy savings opportunities from the building’s Internet of Things (IoT) data. It wanted to expand the product to meet its customers’ needs while also driving customer acquisition and retention. The company also wanted a solution that could scale rapidly and deliver a 5-star customer experience. 

Embedding Sisense’s powerful data analytics into the core product was a cost-effective solution. It allowed the company to quickly add new features and functionality with little effort. The look and feel were customized for a seamless customer experience. The team quickly offered this new value to customers, while it remained focused on expanding the core business and expertise. This upgraded the product and solution to an enterprise-ready platform to compete in new markets. 

Key Outcomes: 

  • The new Sisense-powered solution helps customers save millions in lost revenue. 
  • Expands into new markets and acquires enterprise customers 
  • Go to market faster with rapid value-adds and savings on the costs of building in-house 
  • Connects to many fragmented data sources from IoT to present a streamlined, actionable view for end-users 
  • Delivers enterprise-grade analytics securely 
  • Ensure customers can view unified data for effective energy management 
  • Easy-to-use interactive dashboards to better identify risks, leading to greater efficiencies that reduce costs and optimize ROI (return on investment). 

Use Case 3: Raise Win Rate for a Marketing and Sales Giant 

This industry-leading sales and marketing enablement solutions provider wanted to meet growing customer demand for data and the ability to drill down further. Doing so would help us gain market share and competitive advantage. Faced with triple-digit growth, the company experienced challenges with its ex-BI solution, in scalability and rocketing the cost of data warehouse ownership. 

Sisense enhanced the platform with scalable, white-label analytics capabilities that could help anticipate and address customer questions even before they were asked. Customers now can connect with live and cached data, schedule reports, and automate data-driven notifications to improve sales processes. The new improved, sticky platform saw higher levels of customer satisfaction and led to customer acquisition and retention. The company skinned solution helped in enhancing the company’s relationship with customers across the board. 

Key Outcomes: 

  • Clear win-rate improvement since implementation of the Sisense solution 
  • Gained immediate competitive advantage and market leadership with new robust analytics capabilities 
  • Sisense partnership helped strategize, differentiate the product, and deliver value to customers  
  • Lowered costs with live connection to data warehouse and cached connection to SQL server  
  • Empowers customers with granular content insights to close more deals and gains competitive advantage with embedded analytics 
  • Customers are delighted with the ability to slice and dice the data in multiple ways with customized dashboarding and reporting 

Use Case 4: Gain Competitive Advantage for a Software Company  

This leading productivity software company provides a solution that streamlines tracking, managing, and monitoring team projects and processes to ensure workflows. While doing so they have to be made sure that outcomes are reliable, effective, and efficient. The company wanted to differentiate its offering from the competition by offering customers an enhanced analytics experience with more robust reporting to secure larger enterprise clients and get ahead of competitors. 

With Sisense’s easy integration capabilities and onboarding support, the company was able to add an embedded analytics solution to its own product that gave customers a seamless and easy-to-use experience. The company built three distinct experiences for customers — My Productivity, Team Productivity, and Time Tracking, therefore, enabling them to monitor their internal operations accurately. 

Key Outcomes:

  • Immediate uptick in large enterprise sales following the Sisense implementation  
  • Customers report vastly improved data analytics adoption throughout their organization 
  • Sisense’s easy integration and customization capabilities make it easy to personalize the tool for each customer  
  • Quick implementation of white-labeled dashboards gave customers the robust analytics solution they wanted 
  • Moves ahead of the competition with embedded analytics and a push for deeper, more robust reporting 
  • Sisense insights are leveraged to create workplace reports as a marketing tactic to garner positive media attention 

Use Case 5: Go to Market faster solution for Sales and Marketing Intelligence Platform  

The go-to-market intelligence platform for B2B sales and marketing teams wanted to migrate from Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services. They were actively seeking to replace its existing BI&A solution. It wanted a white-label solution. The expectation was to seamlessly connect to Snowflake and help its 50,000 global users query billions of records. 

The company selected Sisense to replace all dashboards in its existing products and to provide embedded analytics for any new products that are brought to the market. Sisense’s optimized data connector links the data analytics engine to Snowflake, so that end users can get powerful self-service and query performance. 

Key Outcomes: 

  • Rich data integration capabilities provide a clear advantage in time to market and product development cycle 
  • Tables can be connected and combined in Snowflake via the powerful Sisense connector into a single live model to provide a superior customer experience 
  • Users can gain insights and take actions within workflows with integrated embedded dashboards and analytics 
  • Dynamic, rich widgets created quickly turn dashboards into interactive apps for end-users 
  • Uses live connection to data warehouse with embedded analytics to power the key differentiator: superior customer experience 
  • The platform provides data and insights that can guide operations and sales teams to deliver the right message to the right prospects at the right time 

Sisense asked more than 200 business and technology leaders their desired business impact of embedding data in their customer offerings. Here is what they found out: 

  • 85% are using Sisense in meeting customer demands for Data 
  • 73% are driving product Stickiness 
  • 57% are gaining Competitive Advantage  
  • 36% of their expected annual growth isa accounted for by the business impact of embedding analytics 

Magic of Sisense continues, we will keep you updated with what is happening on that front, meanwhile, you and us at Inference can make a story together to tell.  

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